RAVEN array expansion

Today RAVEN got 3 brand-new 8TB WD RED drives! This is especially important because it means I can now set up DUAL PARITY. This brings RAVEN’s storage total to a grand 42TB. 

(side note: those keeping track will notice a 6TB drive went missing – it was relocated to the WILLZONE server, which has suffered numerous drive casualties in recent months)

The reason for this upgrade is simple: money. Best Buy was selling their 8TB easystore drive (which is just an 8TB WD RED drive in an easily-removed plastic case) for $160, making it an incredible deal! 

NOTE: there is a new version of the WD RED 8TB drive that has a 256MB cache. Make sure you check your model number (bottom of the box) to get it! You want model # DCM:MGBJRCK, not DCM:LGBRCK.  I received the 256MB-cache version, and these new drives definitely outperform my old 64MB-cache 6TB WD RED’s. I saw 200MB/s sustained write speeds, versus closer to 150MB/s for the 6TB drives.

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